Monday, June 4, 2012


     I made two trips to New York for the five interviews I had there.  The first trip was right after Thanksgiving, and I went with my parents.  We had a great time, and I visited Mt. Sinai, Cornell, and NYU.  Although we really did try to go into this whole process with an open mind, it was pretty easy to see that New York was going to be the front runner as far as cities went.  My first New York interview was with Mt Sinai and it was awesome.  I had a great interview day and got a wonderful overall vibe from the program.  I went to a happy hour with the current residents and enjoyed hearing how much the residents liked the program.  That is always a good sign.  After my interview, as I was walking back to the subway, it started pouring rain!  When I got to the train, I saw about 5 other people I had interviewed with and we were all soaking wet in our suits just laughing at how ridiculous it was.  When I showed up to my hotel, my dad answered the door and said "Oh no!  You got soaked!"  But, the best sign of the day was that I was still happy to be there even though I was cold and wet with sore feet.  I knew New York was a place I could live for sure!
     I enjoyed Cornell and NYU as well, again tons of nice people and great residents.  Although it was becoming apparent that New York would be our target city, it was going to be tough to rank the programs I visited.
     I made sure to take my parents to Mark and my favorite deli, Andy's Deli.  It is at the corner of Broadway and 18th St, near Union Square which was only a few blocks from where Mark worked the summer we lived there so we frequented it.  Great sandwiches that come with sides and drinks for cheap with super nice people who work there.  The cashier was the same lady from 3 years before!

     They were selling live Christmas trees and wreaths near the square and it smelled A-mazing.  There is nothing quite like Christmas in New York.  Nothing!

     They have holiday markets in a couple of the squares which were fun to visit.  They weren't so crowded during the week when I was there with my parents, but Mark was there on the weekend (all of these pictures are from my 2nd trip when Mark came) and it was jam packed.

     SantaCon.  I had never heard of this before, but we happened to be there during SantaCon, which is a completely ridiculous day when literally thousands of people (read, mostly drunk college students) dress like Santa and wander around New York.  It was absurd, but made for some interesting pictures.

     Central Park pictures.  So pretty.

     Did I mention that Sarah and her would-very-soon-to-be fiance Andy joined us in New York for the weekend??  It was so much fun!  Sarah and I have been best friends for many years, and she got engaged on New Year's Eve and is getting married next month!

     We have a silly picture like this from college, so of course we had to embarrass ourselves in Times Square.

     We saw Spiderman on Broadway!  It was Andy's first ever Broadway show.  It was really different from the typical Broadway musical, so it took a little time to grow on me at first but it was really entertaining.  The music is by U2, so it is rock music instead of the usual Broadway power ballads, but the stunts were out of this world.  We had a lot of fun.

     And then we further embarrassed ourselves in Times Square!  I said to Mark, "I wish I had pointed my toe like Sarah, I look kind of dorky."  Mark said, "Um, I'm pretty sure you would have looked dorky either way...."

     Being ice dancers at the Bryant Park ice rink.

     Hey, Andy!

     Me and my love.  We were thinking about how we would probably be in New York as residents the following Christmas, and we will be!

     The cute couple at the amazing Rockefeller Tree!

     After Mark, Sarah, and Andy left, I had two interviews to go.  I visited The Children's Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx and Columbia's Children's Hospital of New York.  They were both great programs and I knew I would have a lot of thinking to do when I got home.  I will say, when my last interview was over, I was so happy.  I had no idea how exhausting the interview season would be with traveling, happy hours, and 6-8 hour interview days.  It was so nice to be finished and the waiting game began!

     I can't wait to live here!!!!!!!!

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