Wednesday, October 14, 2009

U2 360 Dallas

We got to go to the U2 360 Tour at Cowboys Stadium! This was great because one of the first conversations Alli and I had at Camp John Marc was how we both really want to go see U2 in concert. I had seen a bunch of DVDs of them live and I always wanted to get to go see them so this was like a dream. We got in line for the field access around 3:30pm... there was already a ton of people in line.

This picture was taken at around 5:15 and it shows all the people BEHIND us in line. Keep in mind we were not close to being in the front of the line. The line wound around the sidewalk around the stadium.

Muse was the opening act, and they melted our faces off with their guitar solos. We really like the song 'Starlight'. They were really terrific and a lot of fun, but we were there to see U2. When they came out, the stadium went bananas. Bono was jumping up and down and yelling.

The stage for the tour was amazing. The center stage rotated around at one point so that the people behind the stage could see them. But it was for the most part pointed at us. We were about 6 or 8 people from the outside ring where they walk around.

The structure of the stage was supposed to look like a spacecraft. It sorta had a reptilian look to it too.

The bridges from the center stage to the outer ring also rotated. So when The Edge was walking on the bridge it rotated towards us and he stepped off right in front of us. It was a pretty crazy set.

The screen was also pretty incredible. During the middle of the concert it came apart and was in these diamond shaped frames. It looked really sweet. Then it came back together and was lower than originally so that you could see this other thing that lit up over the screen.

During the second encore Bono wore this jacket that had lights attached to it and he swung from his microphone which was hanging from the ceiling (like he did on Saturday Night Live). It was a fun concert. Our favorite highlights of the show were probably Mysterious Ways, Elevation, Still Haven't Found, Beautiful Day, Breathe, and Magnificent. But everything was pretty great.

Family Visits and Rangers Game

My (Mark) brother's family came up from Austin in September. We went to a park and Annie loved the dogs. She probably would have jumped on a swan if we weren't careful. It's always fun to visit with the family!

We went to a Rangers game in late September. They were still hanging on to the playoff race at that point and actually pulled out a really good win against the Angels that night. This is the view of the new Cowboys Stadium from the Ballpark at Arlington.

This was where we sat. It was a great night. One interesting note is that this was the FIRST game in ALL of my life where they did NOT sing the 7th inning stretch. Instead this guy played Cotton Eye Joe on a violin. Really weird.